Changes at Copyright Office 2.0

More Changes at the Copyright Office

By John DeBoer

Just when you thought the Copyright Office had a full agenda in undertaking modernization tasks (we discussed a few items in a previous post), a few new ones have just surfaced.  First, the Office has launched a new website,    This new version has been redesigned with the goal of being organized, responsive, and easier to to use.  Second, to go along with the new site, the Copyright Office has even launched its own Blog,

The website definitely provides a modern, sleek look to it, and like most websites today, appears geared toward easy use and navigation with a mobile device.  Immediately accessible is the nav icon that takes you to the 'Registration Portal' page, where you can then access the eCO registration system.  The bottom of the Portal page provides an indication of backlog on registration applications, and also a link to a status inquiry page.  The new website appears to offer other tidbits, including resources for Teachers and Students ("Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright" and "Copyright Primary Resources").

The Blog appears brand new - literally - as the first post is dated March 9, 2017, and which is by Ms. Karyn Temple Claggett, Acting Register of Copyrights.  The Blog appears intended to "provide helpful information about upcoming studies and reports, developments in domestic and international copyright law and policy, registration practice, and other exciting news related to the Office."  Time will tell if it will be kept up, but it looks like it could be a really good point source for information about the Office.

After years (decades?) of stagnation and limited change (ahem Congress and Library of Congress), it is very pleasing to say the least that CRO is finally entering the millennium.  Welcome!

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